“B&W Cinema Spotlight: “Nebraska” by Nate Blake

Seeing Nebraska in theaters for the first time is one of those experiences I’ll always remember, though not just because I loved the film. Unfortunately, it was another one of those visits to the AMC in Rockford that left a lot to be desired. I’m not bashing that particular theater. In fact, I saw so … Continue reading “B&W Cinema Spotlight: “Nebraska” by Nate Blake

Oscar Countdown: Revisiting “Terms of Endearment” by Nate Blake

Welcome to the fourth installment of this year’s Oscar countdown series. We’re going to try to make an annual tradition of having a series of posts looking back on past Oscar winners in specific categories. To kick this off, this year we are starting with Best Picture winners. Each week between now and the Oscars, … Continue reading Oscar Countdown: Revisiting “Terms of Endearment” by Nate Blake

“Crawl” review by Nate and Alex Blake

Nate: Crawl is B movie paradise. Director Alexandre Aja has interrupted this franchise and sequel dominated summer with a kick-ass old school thriller. It's short, it's gory, it's legitimately scary in parts, and I had a fun afternoon watching it. If you've seen the trailer, you pretty much know the plot. A young woman named Haley … Continue reading “Crawl” review by Nate and Alex Blake

“Rocketman” review by Alex and Nate Blake

Nate: Years of anticipation, excitement and yes, some pessimism, all accompanied me to the theater last night to catch an advance screening of Rocketman. Director Dexter Fletcher's long in development rock biopic and proclaimed "true fantasy" about the first half of Elton John's career has arrived, and with it the answers to questions about how the film … Continue reading “Rocketman” review by Alex and Nate Blake