“Westworld” Episode Review: “Decoherence” by Nate Blake

“Decoherence” represents the first notable stumble Westworld has made in its third season. Though it continued to build towards what I assume will be an epic showdown between Maeve and Dolores, much of the impact of the Rehoboam information leak was brushed aside in favor of a weak subplot concerning William/The Man in Black. I … Continue reading “Westworld” Episode Review: “Decoherence” by Nate Blake

“Westworld” Episode Review: “The Absence of Field” by Nate Blake

“The Absence of Field” once again finds the Westworld show-runners focusing on only a small segment of the cast and creating a mostly riveting hour as a result. The episode further develops the relationship between Caleb (Aaron Paul) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), but mostly focuses on Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) and peeling back the mystery … Continue reading “Westworld” Episode Review: “The Absence of Field” by Nate Blake