2019 Golden Globes Nominations: Reactions from Nate and Alex

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced their nominations for the Golden Globes this morning. Alex and I watched all of the categories being announced live, and our ears struggled to keep up with Tim Allen’s rushed delivery. Now that we’ve been able to read the list of nominees, there is much to discuss.

What they got right:


On the musical/comedy film side of things, I was pleased with the overall absence of Cats. Yes, it got a song nomination, but the Globes always make some questionable song choices. I was of course happy about the three nominations for Rocketman and the nods for Booksmart.  On the drama side, Parasite was not eligible for the top prize but made a strong showing nonetheless. Marriage Story also got the most nominations and will hopefully take most of the acting awards on the drama side when the winners are announced.


I loved how much attention Knives Out got. Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas definitely deserve more attention this season and hopefully this is just the beginning. I am happy that Rocketman is being recognized. I had a fear that it came out too early in the season. I also think it was a bold but wise choice to largely ignore Game of Thrones compared to the Emmys. The TV acting categories were not as saturated with GoT cast members as I thought they would be.


Best Surprises:


The biggest surprise was probably the score nomination for Motherless Brooklyn, but the big surprise that made me happy was Christian Bale receiving a nomination for drama actor instead of Robert De Niro. This awards season hasn’t been too kind to Ford v Ferrari so far so I was glad for the slight boost this morning. The nominations for Cynthia Erivo (Harriet) and Annette Bening (The Report) had also become unlikely, but I’m glad both performances were recognized.



What really surprised me was Roman Griffin Davis’s nomination for Jojo Rabbit. Child stars are often forgotten despite great performances. For some reason, their work isn’t always taken as seriously. He really does deserve the recognition for this role though. I was also really happy to see Cynthia Erivo get a nomination for Harriet.

Worst Surprises:


Todd Philips. It’s bad enough that the HFPA snubbed every female director, but they couldn’t even do it by nominating five worthy examples of films directed by men. Bong Joon-ho absolutely deserved his nomination, and while I haven’t seen 1917 yet, I have a feeling that when I do, I’ll be okay with Sam Mendes being included here. The rest of the field is questionable at best. Quentin Tarantino got a nod for once again showing off the exact same techniques he has been using for nearly three decades. It’s stale. I also wasn’t as enthralled with The Irishman as everyone else seems to be but there’s no denying Scorsese’s execution of yet another mob story was different this time around. Philips’ nomination, however, is infuriating. The list of directors who made better films this year than Joker is quite long.


What Nate said. There were so many female and black directors this year that deserved a nomination that were flat out ignored by the HFPA. I understand that there are only so many nominations to be given. However, it is about time that we either expand the number of nominations in this category or (I know this is a novel idea) start making sure the five nominees are more diverse and not just male. I was so enraged listening to the nominations this morning because this year has been particularly good for female directors. Olivia Wilde, Marielle Heller, Greta Gergwig, Lulu Wang, Lorene Scafaria, Melina Matsoukas, Kasi Lemmons, and Alma Har’el all created more compelling pieces of art than Todd Phillips.

Tom Hanks (Finalized)
Director Marielle Heller and Tom Hanks on the set of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 

On a different note,  I also was largely surprised by the screenwriting nominations and not in the best way. It has been such a good year for film writing. I am really not sure Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood or The Irishman deserved a nod over some other better written films this season.

Biggest Snub


How the hell did the HFPA not acknowledge When They See Us in a single category? I loved all the nominations for Chernobyl and Unbelievable, but I can’t take the limited series categories seriously without the inclusion of Ava DuVernay’s searing drama.


I completely agree with Nate. While I very much enjoyed Unbelievable, I would have much rather seen Ava DuVernay get some recognition for When They See Us. I don’t understand how this story was ignored by the HFPA.

 What This Means for the Oscars

Predictions about which film nominees will repeat when the Oscar nominations are announced come down to educated guesses. I think Little Women will recover and do better with Oscar voters. I’m not yet convinced that Todd Philips or Christian Bale will be so lucky next month. Sadly, I think Rocketman will have to settle for nominations in the Best Song, Best Costume Design and Best Sound Editing/Mixing categories come Oscar time. The safest prediction is that Cate Blanchett’s 2019-2020 awards season began and ended with this morning. She’s a gifted actress, but this is pretty clearly a nomination that was given to add another big name to the telecast next month. Yikes.

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